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If you had to make a list of all the reasons why you never seem to have enough time to clean your home or office, you might come to the realization that the solution to your dilemma would be to hire Summity Cleaning Services.  Think about what it would be like to walk into your home or office and see that everything has been cleaned like you would want it cleaned?


Imagine a home or office whose furniture isn’t the least bit dusty, floors that are so clean you could almost eat off of them, counter services that are sparkling clean without any stains on them, and a bathroom or kitchen that’s 100% sanitized.  It may seem like you’re dreaming but the reality is that this is what you can expect when our cleaning service specialists have finished cleaning your home or office.


What to look for when hiring a Weston Professional Cleaning Service


The Summity Cleaning Services management and staff realize that they’re not the only home and office cleaning service in the Weston area and MetroWest region.  But we do feel that we are the best for a number of reasons.  When searching for the best cleaning service in the area, there are certain criteria to look for including:


  • They are fully bonded, insured, and licensed

  • They are reliable and trustworthy

  • They are transparent with their pricing; you’ll never have to worry about hidden fees.

  • They come prepared with their own cleaning equipment and products.

  • They have many combined years of industry experience and expertise

  • They offer a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee and will re-clean any area of your home or office that you’re unsatisfied with.

  • They offer flexible scheduling and will accommodate your needs whenever they can.


As our customer, you have the right to expect that Summity Cleaning Services will satisfy your cleaning needs and specifications.  You can be assured that we will always cooperate with and understand your unique requirements.   We will always be courteous and professional while on the job and reliable in terms of punctuality and keeping a scheduled cleaning appointment.


What separates Us from other Cleaning Services?


At Summity Cleaning Services, our goal is to make things easier for you when it comes to cleaning your home or office to perfection.  You can be assured that our cleaning specialists will work tirelessly, to ensure that your living or work space is always looking its best.  There are a number of factors that contribute to homes not being cleaned to the customer’s standards when hiring the average cleaning service including:


  • lack of home or office cleaning knowledge

  • NO determination and motivation

  • substandard cleaning skills

  • use of low-quality equipment and cleaning products


So, if you’re satisfied with substandard home or office cleaning service results, then by all means, stick with that company.  However, if you want a truly clean home or office, Summity Cleaning Services is the company you can always rely on to get the job done right the first time.


We’re not out to make a quick Buck


The secret to a having a thoroughly cleaned home or office means going above and beyond the basics.  This is something that many of our competitors lack the desire to do.  Unlike our company, there are some Boston and MetroWest cleaning services that get paid the big bucks and only perform the basic home or office cleaning services.  On the other hand, our home and office cleaning specialists pay attention to the smallest cleaning details such as getting at those hard-to-reach areas and out-of-sight spaces. We understand that when you hire cleaning crew, you expect professional deep cleaning and our team goes beyond that to ensure your satisfaction. 


The key to hiring the best home or office cleaning service for the job is professionalism.  

You shouldn’t waste your time talking with any company that doesn’t appear to be professional or respectful.  Just remember, there are cleaning companies who are out to make a quick buck at your expense and will not do a satisfactory job.  To learn more about our Weston home and office cleaning services, call Summity Cleaning Services today at (508) 904-8047.


Assessment: It all starts with us taking a look at what needs to be done – and usually it's not as bad as you think. We'll let you know how long it's going to take and what it's going to require.


The Move: If you want everything to be really clean, we'll start by removing any of the furniture we can. There's no sense in hiding a stain with an ottoman when we can just remove it from the very start


The Clean: The moment we've all been waiting for, where we get rid of all of the muck and junk and give you your place back! We only use the safest chemicals, so there's very little to worry about.

We love to maintain relationships with clients and become more than just a cleaning service. We want to be part of the routine that makes your life better, healthier, and cleaner. And, the more often we come by, the less work we have to do, and the more you save – not to mention the intangible benefit of living in a spotless place!

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